The new apple tablet could be a lawyers dream.

Walk down the streets of Memphis, TN or any other major city and if your near a courthouse, you will see a vestige of a bygone era.  At one time it was as common place as a fedora, but now the briefcase has been relegated to those that proudly attach either J.D. or esquire to their name, which depends on the level of pretentiousness.  It is this ability to cary paper sized items in a secure case that will help make the islate, iguide, ipad, or iwhatever a giant in the legal world.  I love my iphone.  I can’t imagine life without it.  The ability to read and compose emails, make use of the apps that can be downloaded on it,  facebook, twitter, blog all whilst snapping those cherished memories with the built in camera have allowed me to make the most of this wonderful invention.  The tablet however promises to do all that and more.

I plan on having my assistant greet folks at the door with a nice latte and the tablet to conduct a nice little informal intake and when its done, just email it to me along with a picture and demographic information.   I can then take mine to our meeting or deposition or whatever and have all the notes at my disposal wherever I go.  It won’t be as large as a laptop, it won’t be as cramped as my iphone and better than all of that; it will be cutting edge.  I confess, I don’t understand my wife’s shoe fetish, but she doesn’t get my gadget obsession, so I guess we are even.

There are a thousand and one attorneys in Memphis.  We all have the same tools.  We all know the arguments to make.  What separates us from each other is our presentation.  I for one plan on having the newest toy on the block for my clients.  I know it won’t fit in my pocket like an iphone, but thats why God made briefcases.


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